Sticker Shock Activity

On Thursday July 14th, twelve Secaucus High School students met with chaperones and advisors to implement a community service project calledSticker Shock at local liquors stores in town.  The campaign focuses on informing parents about the consequences in serving alcohol to youth.  The students, staff from the Secaucus Coalition for Healthy and Drug Free Community and liquor stores collaborated to adhere bright yellow stickers to cases of beer and other sweet alcohol drinks. 

Also known as alco-pops, these drinks are ones that parents may mistakenly provide to youth.   The bright yellow, round stickers emphasize the legal implications by stating, “Providing Alcohol to Those Under 21 IS ILLEGAL” and fines include “Up to 6 months jail time and $1,000 Fine.” 

Karena Malko, Coalition Coordinator shared that the project is one that tends to appeal to teens when they step back and reflect on the 1,000 stickers they helped place at various spots around town.  “Teens are often inspired to create community change and desperately want to help keep their friends safe.  We are always happy to help them bring awareness to the public health issue of underage drinking.”

Underage Drinking is not only associated with the risk of addiction among youth, but can be correlated with risks of aggression and violence, teen pregnancy, STD’s, car accidents as well as sexual violence.  The Coalition, Secaucus Police Department and Mayors Office ask that the parents of Secaucus youth please respect the law and refrain from providing alcohol to youth.