National Night Out 2016

On Tuesday August 2nd, the Town hosted a National Night Out event at Buchmuller Park. During the event, the Coalition for a Healthy and Drug Free Community presented the Secaucus Police Department with a plaque for the dozen lives they saved with opiate-overdose reversal kits.

National Night Out is an event that aims to strengthen the bond between police officers and the communities that they serve. In addition to delicious food, fun games, and a showing of Star Wars, the night’s main goal was to allow residents to mix and mingle with police, firefighters, and EMS workers. The Drug Free Coalition believed this was the perfect night to honor our men and women in uniform. This year, the department trained its officers in opiate-overdose antidote administration (also known as “Narcan”), and has saved numerous lives in town this year.

Karena Malko, Coalition Coordinator, said the event was “a great way for community members to connect with their local law enforcement, as well as with the many organizations in town. For someone like myself who just started working in Town, I got the chance to meet a lot of residents, including teens who will join our youth group once the school year begins.” Volunteers at the event included Donna O’Connell, Mary Ann Weiner, Craig Harris, Will Henkel, and seven high school students from town. Brandon, an incoming freshman at SHS, expressed his enthusiasm at the event saying that “the volunteers were nice to hang out with, they made volunteering totally fun.”

The Coalition focuses on informing the public about the negative effects of drug and alcohol usage. Just this summer, their team provided two free Narcan training sessions at the Secaucus Public Library. Attendees learned how to administer the kit, properly react in case of an overdose, and also received a Narcan kit free of charge.