Techniques of Alcohol Management (T.A.M.)

 Techniques of Alcohol Management (T.A.M.) 

Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs sponsored by the: Secaucus Municipal Alliance


Tam Group



The Techniques of Alcohol Management Training (TAM) is a leading national education and training and certification program developed in conjunction with liquor control, law enforcement, highway safety and substance abuse organizations. TAM is a free and voluntary prevention and education program for retail licensees, their employees and applicants. The class includes information on

  • False Identification
  • Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • Customer Disturbances
  • Quality of Service
  • Standards for Responsible Alcohol Service


Each training class lasts 4 hours. At the conclusion of the class, each participant will receive an up to date Nationwide ID checking guide, valuable information regarding laws and opportunities to reduce liability issues. 

The TAM Training is one of the several training programs that offers responsible beverage service training. To view a list of other RBS training providers, visit the following website: 



The TAM Program has a mission to provide high quality, effective and relevant training on alcohol responsibility and the law to New Jersey retail licensees and their employees. 

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control expects and encourages licensees to act responsibly relative to their alcoholic beverage license privileges. 

The TAM Program provides the licensee and applicant with practical information on serving alcoholic beverages safely, responsibly, and legally, and preventing illicit drug activity at the licensed establishment. 



  • Reduces the risk of liability
  • Possible reduced insurance premiums
  • Provides multiple way so handling difficult situations 
  • Up to date information on New Jersey laws, regulations and requirements
  • Various methods for identifying fraudulent IDs
  • High Quality standards for Responsible Alcohol Service and Best Practices