Secaucus Compliance Check Guide

Retailer Compliance Check

The purpose of a Compliance Check Project is to capture alcohol access within the Town of Secaucus through to an undercover operation to measure retailer compliance. Alcohol is one of the most regulated substances in the nation and the minimum drinking age is 21 years old. Alcohol retailers are expected to respect and enforce the law as required by the law Secaucus ABC Licensing Board. Of course, accountability can potentially increase compliance in all aspects in human behavior. 

According to the 2014 Secaucus Student Survey, alcohol remains the most popular substance used by students. In relation to the number of licensed drivers, young people under age 21 who have been drinking are involved in fatal crashes at twice the rate of adult drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Studies show that heavy childhood and teen drinking can lead to mild brain damage and increases the likelihood of having alcohol problems throughout adult life. Alcohol use by minors is influenced by a variety of factors, including availability of alcohol. Research has shown a strong link between alcohol availability and consumption.


“Increasing enforcement against retailers who sell to minors can have a substantial effect on alcohol sales to young people.”

The National Academies of Science Committee on Developing a Strategy to Reduce and Prevent Underage Drinking found an impressive body of research resulting from years of studies showing that alcohol age compliance checks reduce alcohol sales to youth. Alcohol age compliance checks are widely, but not universally, used in New Jersey to reduce youth access to alcohol.


Alcohol Age Compliance Checks – Enforcing Existing Law 

Compliance checks are a key component of the community effort to prevent and reduce underage drinking, as a proven strategy to reduce commercial access to alcohol among youth for several reasons: 

Selling alcohol to anyone under age 21 is clearly illegal – there are no grey areas when a solid protocol is used. When the community enforces alcohol related laws, community expectations are clear. 

Studies consistently show alcohol age compliance checks reduce alcohol sales to underage individuals. 


*Compliance Age Checks will be conducted once per year to measure the effectiveness of this initiative.